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Ocean education

Fostering a deep understanding and inspiring a love for the ocean

Inspiring and Empowering Curious Minds

Educating young and curious minds is the key to ocean conservation. Ocean Wise education connects youth globally through digital, in-person and mobile programs that encourage ocean literacy and foster a sense of stewardship from an early age.

Ocean Wise Education works with audiences of all backgrounds and sizes, schools youth-serving agencies, and community groups to individuals and families. Each of the areas are targeted to a range of ages and developmental stages, covering young ocean enthusiasts from toddlers to late teens. The unifying Principles of Ocean Literacy are woven throughout all of our programs, providing a common thread and a shared language to work with the other ocean conservation leaders.

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The Ocean Wise Sea Dome comes to you! Inspiring future generations love and protect our ocean.

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Connect with the wonders of the ocean through virtual online programs

Ocean Wise Education Kits

Free education kits with lesson plans, activities and resources

Ocean literacy

Free online course about the fascinating aspects of our ocean and leave armed with the tools they need to conserve it

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Are you a K-12 teacher looking for new ways to teach about climate change? Our ProD workshops can help

Discovery Kits

Engaging and interactive educational classroom kits

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