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Incredible ecosystems that are full of marine life, kelp forests are essential to countering the effects of climate change. Kelp grows 30 times faster than trees and helps absorb and store CO2. But shrinking kelp forests need our protection.

By growing and restoring kelp forests at scale, we can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, create marine habitat, and combat ocean acidification…all while creating economic opportunities for Indigenous and coastal communities.

Carlos Drews

EVP, Conservation with Ocean Wise

An ocean-based solution to climate change from Ocean Wise

Kelp forests are rich habitat for marine life, including commercially important fish and invertebrates. The forests protect the coast from the impacts of extreme weather events. They naturally capture carbon in large volumes in seaweed tissue, some of which gets trapped in the ocean floor for centuries. And if we find ways to use fast-growing seaweed and work with its natural processes, seaforestation can be a powerful player in fighting climate change.

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