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Climate change

Our ocean nourishes us and inspires us, and as our first line of defence against climate change, our ocean protects us.

Our ocean is our future

Earth, our home, is an ocean planet. But our ocean is struggling. Climate change threatens our ocean and humanity itself. Luckily, we still have time to protect and restore our ocean, ensuring that the animals and people who depend on it can flourish. Ocean Wise works to scale-up the ocean's ability to fight climate change while adapting to the new realities it brings.


Increase in ocean temperature since 1900


Of the heat accumulated in the Earth’s atmosphere is absorbed by the ocean


Of sunflower sea stars have died off in some regions due to climate change


Kelp forests abound with marine biodiversity and are key to countering global warming. In B.C., Chile and around the world we are supporting coastal communities, improving marine habitat and capturing carbon by monitoring and restoring kelp

Changing Arctic

Climate change presents new challenges for Arctic people and ecosystems. We bridge science with Indigenous knowledge, monitor changes and inform policy.

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