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Whales play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and resilient ocean. Where we see healthy and abundant whales we will find a healthy ecosystem

Sentinels of the Sea

Building on 30 years of conservation-based research, the Whales Initiative helps protect and conserve cetacean (whale, dolphin or porpoise) populations. We do this by finding ways to minimize the negative effects of human activities, such as commercial fishing and shipping, on their ability to communicate, navigate, forage, and reproduce. The initiative uses research, monitoring, education, and conservation tools to provide important information to decision makers. Focusing on key threats such as habitat quality, prey availability, genetic fitness, contaminants, and underwater noise. We work in collaboration with other organizations and much of the field and laboratory work is funded by the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program.

Megafauna like whales appear so strong and resilient, but the truth is they are vulnerable to human impacts. People can help create quieter waters that enhance echolocation capabilities by reporting sightings to the Ocean Wise Sightings Network via the WhaleReport app

Jessica Scott

Ocean Wise

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