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Waves of Change

Bringing together and empowering youth to turn the tide on climate change: Many ripples make a wave

Accelerating youth climate action for a better tomorrow

Climate change is the largest threat to ocean health and the future of our blue planet. This is why Ocean Wise, TakingITGlobal and GreenLearning have partnered to engage and empower young Canadians with innovative climate action and education. Empowering youth leaders is our best opportunity to protect and restore our oceans and solve the climate crisis.

Waves of Change blends in-person events, digital engagement, and educational resources for Canadian youth K-12, to highlight the important connections between climate change and ocean health, and the daily actions Canadians can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Together we will accelerate youth climate action to build a better world for all.

Catch the right wave for you

The Ocean Wise Sea Dome

An immersive ocean adventure: Dive in. Learn. Explore.

Ocean Wise Education Kits

Resource guides and workbooks for educators leading change

Virtual Field Trips

Connect with the wonders of the ocean through virtual online programs

National Dialogues

Developing understanding of complex climate issues and engaging youth globally.

Ocean Wise Sea Dome

The Ocean Wise Sea Dome is an immersive ocean adventure bringing marine magic to communities everywhere. The portable, inflatable six-metre dome projects 360-degree 4K cinematic footage showing connections between ocean health, climate change, and daily life. Youth will see the Arctic to view changes in sea ice, to tropical reefs to assess impacts of ocean acidification, and to BC’s rivers to learn how salmon habitats can be preserved.

Ocean Wise Education Kits

Innovative education kits full of lesson plans, activities, and resources to bring ocean literacy and climate education to K-12 classrooms to educate, equip, and empower students to be ocean stewards.

Virtual Field Trips

Our talented education team delivers interactive and engaging virtual programs for all ages, focused on ocean conservation and providing actions young people can take to protect and restore our ocean.

National Dialogues

National dialogues are projects with classrooms in Canada and across the globe focusing on developing a deeper understanding of the complexity of climate change issues. These projects include online and in-class learning activities, interactive online discussions with experts, and virtual collaborations between participating youth.


A climate change learning journey, empowering youth to make real, lasting changes in their schools and communities.

Blue Economy and Ocean Policy Educational Resources

Free backgrounders, learning activities, interactive activities, and more.

Discovery Kits

Engaging and interactive educational classroom kits


A Digital Research and Advocacy Tool


Over six months, global schools engage in project-based learning on a dedicated virtual classroom platform, collaborating with their peers from around the globe as they expand their knowledge, awareness, and action on climate change. They exchange ideas during a series of videoconferences, exploring the local, regional, national, and Global intersections. This project culminates in one youth representative from each of the participating nations engaging in a ten-day synthesis process ahead of the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP).

Interactive educational resources

Dive deeper into climate change education with self-exploratory online topic backgrounders, interactive solutions, and more, that simplify complex climate change concepts.

Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits are a hands-on resource that teachers and educators can bring into their classrooms. Each kit contains a variety of artifacts such as: replica skulls, books, and interactive games that captivate students’ imagination and interest in the ocean. An information sheet will guide educators through activities designed to spark your student’s curiosity about their role in protecting the ocean. Students will also have the opportunity to meet one of our Ocean Wise Education team members virtually, so that they can pose their questions!


Advocate for change with your friends, families, and local decision makers. eCards let youth easily send an email, create an educational meme, or create a social media video to let their voices be heard.

Commit2Act App

Take action and compete with others across the network to understand how our daily actions impact the climate

Commit2Act App

Track and celebrate the collective impact of daily climate actions alongside a vibrant network of ocean champions. Record your actions, share impact stories, and track the impact of your individual and collective actions!


Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is the world-class changemaker for interested collaborators, big and small, who want practical solutions with meaningful impact, so that they are empowered and take action to protect and revitalize the ocean. Through in-house research, engaging educational programming and ocean solutions at scale Ocean Wise empowers communities to tackle climate change, ocean pollution and overfishing.


TakingITGlobal delivers youth engagement programs leveraging the power of creativity, technology, and community. Since 1999, TIG has been dedicated to the motto "inform, inspire, and involve" which has become the pathway to action for all our programs.


For over 30 years GreenLearning has provided free, curriculum connected resources and experiences for educators and youth across Canada in the areas of climate change, energy and green economy. With a solutions-focused, bias balanced perspective, GreenLearning engages and empowers learners to create positive change.

The Centre for Global Education

The Centre for Global Education develops and delivers virtual, collaborative learning projects to engage and empower youth as global citizens, connecting them to the people, places, and issues they learn about in the classroom.

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