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Book the Sea Dome on our tour of Atlantic Canada!

The Sea Dome is the traveling education stream of Ocean Wise. We bring ocean education to schools, youth groups, and communities coast to coast.

The Sea Dome comes to you! It inspires future generations of ocean champions to love our oceans.

Our mobile programs feature marine artifacts and hands-on interactive activities designed to encourage passion and care of our oceans and waterways. Our educators deliver expert level, multi-sensory aquatic programs, based on the Ocean Literacy Framework. We strive to create a lasting connection to our oceans and aquatic habitats by encouraging direct conservation action.

The Ocean Wise Sea Dome is a new immersive ocean adventure that brings marine magic to communities everywhere. The portable, inflatable six-metre dome projects 360-degree 4K cinematic footage showing connections between ocean health, climate change, and daily life. Youth will see the Arctic to view changes in sea ice, to tropical reefs to assess impacts of ocean acidification, and to BC’s rivers to learn how salmon habitats can be preserved.

See upcoming stops HERE.

We are now taking bookings for Spring and Summer 2024 in Atlantic Canada and the Lower Mainland. Reach out at [email protected].


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