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Changing Arctic

Northern Indigenous peoples are spearheading research and initiatives to adapt and prepare for a changing climate in the Arctic. Ocean Wise works alongside these communities to strengthen existing partnerships and address knowledge gaps


microplastics particles found per cubic metre in the Beaufort Sea


of inshore fisheries in the Arctic are estimated to be small-scale fisheries

80,000 km2

of sea ice disappears in the Arctic annually

Addressing rapid changes in the North - for people, for marine life and for business.

By 2030 Ocean Wise will:

• Strengthen the regulatory framework to protect local communities and animals, and to encourage responsible shipping.
• Deploy an underwater noise observatory that enables the design of shipping routes with marine mammal habitats in mind.
• Create community networks to conduct robust environmental sample collection and monitor wildlife.
• Reduce the risk from and improve the ability to respond to invasive species introduction.
• Empower Indigenous communities so they can actively participate in shaping the future of the Arctic.

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