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Project Details

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Incredible ecosystems that are full of marine life, kelp forests are essential to countering the effects of climate change.

Placement Details

Seaforestation is an innovative movement to restore and protect seaweed forests. Ocean Wise is committed to the restoration and cultivation of kelp at scale, in ways that maximize biodiversity, coastal communities and climate benefits.

Participants of this placement support the Seaforestation Initiative through researching restoration methodologies and techniques, keeping the team up to date with existing and new knowledge. Participants also support the team in setting up and running a successful kelp nursery. Due to kelp restoration’s highly seasonal nature, participant experience will vary month to month.

Placement Category: Ecological Restoration

Placement Season: Fall, Winter

Placement Type: Field, Urban

2023 Participant Highlight

Participant Noeli Urud

Noeli’s most valuable takeaway from her placement with the Seaforestation team was the opportunity for hands on experience in the West Coast waters where she grew up. Getting to snorkel in the waters to collect kelp specimens and meet all the people who are super passionate about kelp made her placement so enriching. She felt her confidence grow within the workplace, when communicating with partners and when communicating the science of Seaforestation to the public.

Check out Noeli’s feature on @oceanwiseyouth here

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