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Single-use plastic waste is harming ocean life. Ocean Wise® created the Plastic Wise initiative to raise awareness and share solutions to address the crisis of ocean plastic. Join us. #BePlasticWise.


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Signed the pledge? Great, now take action! Even the most modest everyday actions can make a world of difference – participate in our challenge to #BePlasticWise.

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Core Partners

The Story of Plastic and the Ocean

What happens to your plastic bottle when you recycle it?

Reduce, Reuse or Recycle?

Saving Sea lions: Why Marine Plastic Matters

How does your Plastic end up in the Arctic?

How Does Plastic End Up in the Ocean?

What happens to microplastics in the ocean?

How Ocean Wise Is Fighting The Plastic Problem

Ocean Wise and PAC Packaging Consortium (PAC) address microplastics pollution problem in white paper

Ocean Wise and the PAC Packaging Consortium (PAC) teamed up in 2018 to inform and present industry-specific solutions to the global issue of ocean plastic pollution. Packaging waste is present in the aquatic environment, and the packaging industry can be a part of the solution. The white paper presenting the science and solutions can be downloaded now.

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Plastics Research

In the ocean, plastic breaks down over time into tinier pieces, found from pole to pole. The Coastal Ocean Research Institute, an Ocean Wise initiative, conducts groundbreaking research on microplastic pollution.

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Sea Lion Rescue

Countless marine animals are endangered by plastic debris in the ocean. Our Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Program team pioneered a rescue method to disentangle sea lions.

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Plastic Reduction

At Ocean Wise, we’re embarking on our own single-use plastic reduction journey. We’ve gone 100% water bottle free and we’ve taken steps to reduce plastic disposables throughout our premises by replacing disposables with ocean-friendly alternatives.

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Things You Can Do

Host a Shoreline Cleanup

Keep plastic out of compost

Make your own #BePlasticWise body scrub

Make your own #BePlasticWise granola bars

Use reusable containers

Make your own ocean-friendly all purpose cleaner


The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup