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Our ocean is filling up with plastic and our ocean creatures can't survive it…WE can't survive it. The good news? Individuals and businesses are stepping up to make a difference. Take this pledge and join them in making sustainable choices.

Your pledge acts as a demand signal for businesses to reduce their plastic use and Ocean Wise will use it to onboard more businesses to our Plastic Reduction Program. In the absence of strong government action on plastic, individuals and businesses are stepping up. The possibilities are transformational – join them in taking action.

Plastic Pledge


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reduction of microfibers entering the waterways by washing on cold and gentle

Thank you for demanding plastic reduction!

How can we keep this momentum going? Ocean Wise challenges you to take three actions to reduce plastic pollution.


Only about 9 percent of plastic is successfully recycled. And most plastics are only used once before being discarded. Make plastic-friendly swaps in your life like swapping liquid shampoo for a shampoo bar, or shopping secondhand. Click for more Plastic Tips!


Reduce microfiber shedding by washing your clothes on cold and gentle. In recent Ocean Wise research, this simple step was shown to reduce microfiber shedding by 70%!


Over 348 million tons of plastic are produced annually, with only about 9 percent being recycled. Start conversations with your local cafes and restaurants about cutting out single-use plastic for takeout and dine-in. 

The Ocean Wise Plastic Reduction Program is made possible with additional support from

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