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What is the Lunch Box Challenge? Why join?

The Lunch Box Challenge is a simple activity anyone can do to find out how much plastic is in your daily 'lunch boxes' - and how to reduce it! We'll provide helpful tips along the way to help you measure your success. The Lunch Box Challenge is accessible for folks at every stage of their plastic journey.

The Challenge is super simple - it helps people reduce their plastic use in easy steps, and is something that can be done during any lunch or snack break. But it also sparks systemic action by helping us provide important data to businesses, so they can take action to address plastic use on a larger scale!

How does it work?

For two weeks, you'll take a look at your lunch box. In the first week, you'll just keep track of what kind of plastics you find without making any changes. In the second week, you'll have the chance to check out our suggested plastic swaps, and see which ones you can comfortably use in your lunch routine. Then you'll send us what you've found! Sign up today below.

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Lunch Box Plastic Challenge – Sign Up

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