#BePlasticWise this Plastic Free July

This month, Ocean Wise wants you to #BePlasticWise

Our plastic waste is threatening ocean life. It is damaging the marine environment, harming more than 800 marine species. Plastic in our oceans reduces the ocean’s ability to combat climate change, and is increasingly found in our food and drinking water, causing concerns for our health.

Join us during the month of July as we explore sources and impacts of plastic pollution, dive into current research and solutions, and provide tips on how each of us can take action to #BePlasticWise and reduce plastic pollution in our lives and in our oceans.

Together, we can turn the tide on ocean plastic.

What does ‘being plastic wise’ mean to us? Read more on our blog!

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#BePlasticWise Roadmap

Week 1: Sign the pledge and start your plastic challenge

Week 2: Microplastics and Microfibers

Week 3: The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Week 4: Reflect, Act, and Inspire

Workplace Impact

Taking action as an individual matters, but businesses are also critical to spearheading systemic change that our oceans need. Ocean Wise is proud to partner with changemakers who are leading the charge across industries. Join us in tackling our oceans greatest threats through deep collaboration, capacity-building, and expert support!

Are you a…

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Plastic pollution is bloating our ocean, harming wildlife, and ourselves. Donate now to stop plastic from leaking into our ocean.


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