When you symbolically adopt an animal you’re giving a unique gift and supporting the conservation of aquatic life. Symbolic adoption helps us care for the animals at the Vancouver Aquarium, and helps to fund our many conservation, research and education programs. Give a gift that keeps marine life diverse and flourishing. In addition to feeling good about your gift, you will also receive an applicable tax receipt.

Otter Adoptions

Sea otters are easily the most charismatic creature at the Vancouver Aquarium. They are playful, cuddly and oh-so-adorable.

Adopt an otter
Limited edition: Adopt Rialto & Adopt Hardy

Wild Killer Whale Adoptions

Killer whales are found in all the world’s oceans, but nowhere are they more accessible for viewing and studying than off Canada’s west coast. Learning everything we can about killer whales is the best way we can protect them.

Adopt a killer whale

Steller Sea Lion Adoptions

Since 1980, the world population of Steller sea lions has dropped dramatically, including some populations that have declined by 80 per cent.

Adopt a sea lion

Frog Adoptions

Right now, frogs are facing extinction on a larger scale than the dinosaurs. They are an indicator species and their health (or lack of) and their presence (or absence) tells us a lot about the environment and how other species may be doing.

Adopt a frog

Seal Adoptions

The shiny, bobbing heads of Harbour seals are often seen in B.C. waters. While their population is now healthy, seals are prey for orcas and some shark-species and they must be on the lookout for humans.

Adopt a seal

Wild Beluga Adoptions

Belugas capture the hearts of people young and old and inspire people to learn more about arctic animals and their habitat.

Adopt a beluga

Shark Adoptions

Sharks are one of the ocean’s top predators. The sharks at the Vancouver Aquarium provide a glimpse into their lives and highlight the threats posed to these fascinating animals.

Adopt a shark

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