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Jeanine Sinclair

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ocean Wise Alum – 2021 Ocean Bridge Cohort

A bit about me : 

I am very bubbly and am always down to chat! I grew up along the coast, and as a kid I was always obsessed with turning over rocks and seeing what crabs would scurry away. In grade 11, I learned about all the animal phylum’s and my mind was BLOWN! It became my lifelong mission to learn everything I could about the wonders of the ocean, which led me to get a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Marine Biology at the University of Victoria.

After I finished my degree, I knew I had to do something to help the planet. I knew there were thousands of problems our oceans faced, but many of them seemed too distant. How can one person stop coral reef bleaching or put an end to overfishing? Eventually, I turned my attention the issue of plastics. Although this is also a huge problem and a little daunting, I knew I could make a small impact on an individual level. So, I’ve been moving towards living a zero-waste lifestyle for a few years now and advocating for the people around me to use less single-use plastic in their everyday lives. I started an Instagram where I post my progress and encourage others to come along.

I’m incredibly excited to get started with the Ocean Bridge program, where I hope to really focus my skills on how to educate others on the issues of plastic pollution.

Tell us something random about yourself:

I rock climb a lot and I’m learning to lead (any climbers out there?). I’m also getting into overnight hikes and hoping to do more this summer. Absolutely obsessed with cuttlefish and nudibranchs – I might have a tattoo of each!

What gets me up in the morning:

Adventure!! I’m constantly motivated by new adventures, planning trips with my friends and always trying to get outdoors.

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