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Reach for a Better Receipt with EcoChit x Seaforestation

Order EcoChit x Seaforestation Receipts Today!

Purchase EcoChit x Seaforestation receipts for your business and help Ocean Wise restore, plant and manage our underwater forests!

Receipt paper with a purpose

EcoChit is on a mission to help save our planet. EcoChit is a brand of eco-friendly receipt paper that is designed to help create awareness about climate solutions – all while giving businesses a simple way to support them.

Purchasing from the EcoChit x Seaforestation receipt paper product line is a simple way for  businesses to help Ocean Wise restore, plant and manage our underwater forests!

  • Kelp forests are essential to countering the effects of global warming
  • Kelp grows 30X faster than trees and is able to absorb and store CO2 for centuries
  • Kelp forests reduce ocean acidification and provide habitat for marine species

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