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Service learning provides an experiential pathway for people of all ages to learn about our oceans while becoming an engaged citizen in their community. By tackling real-life ocean and waterway health challenges through hands on service and reflecting on their experiences, participants develop their ocean literacy and make a direct impact on ocean conservation.

Ocean Wise provides service learning opportunities through our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and Ocean Bridge initiatives.

Shoreline Cleanup Ocean Bridge

Shoreline Cleanup

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup® is a joint program of Ocean Wise® and WWF-Canada that aims to build an understanding of ocean literacy by engaging Canadians to care for their shorelines. As one of Canada’s largest volunteer-powered conservation programs, we engage with tens of thousands of people including:

Schools & Youth

A service learning opportunity for students of all ages, to build a connection to nature and play an important role in ocean health through citizen science. Resources to extend learning beyond the shoreline are provided to support teachers and group leaders.


This program supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement. Organizations looking for meaningful activities in their community can lead cleanups that their teams, customers and partners can participate in.


We support volunteers in every province and territory all year long and anywhere that land connects to water, with the goal of keeping Canadian shorelines healthy and clean.

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“It was such an fun and innovative way to do a park cleanup while participating in a citizen science project and learning about pollution in our water ways.”

– Holly, Site Coordinator, St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador

Ocean Bridge

Ocean Bridge connects Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast empowering them to make a difference towards ocean conservation. Each year a national team of 40 youth (ages 18-30) form a national team engaged in co-creating and delivering service projects for their home communities and two immersive expeditions to address Ocean Health and Ocean Literacy in Canada.

Join the Community

Ocean Bridge is comprised of three key elements to support youth as they adopt a culture of service for our oceans:

Community & Capacity Building

Regular video conference sessions and an interactive online environment connect youth as a national team and with the broader community of ocean conservation. As individuals, youth build capacity as ocean leaders through weekly mentorship and coaching sessions.

Ocean Health Extended Service

In spring, youth participate in a 10-day immersive wilderness expedition delivering a marine conservation service project of their design. The national team spends the months leading up to this extended service co-creating their project with the local community and each other. By living, working and reflecting as a team in an iconic natural setting, youth develop social capital, respoct for diversity and a heightened sense of responsibility and pride.

Ocean Literacy Extended Service

This immersive element brings the national team together in the fall at a leading nature connection insitution in one of Canada’s most populous urban centers. During this 5-day urban expedition, youth deliver education outreach activities created by them to engage their peers in ocean conservation. Youth will share their skills and stories in their words and in ways that are meaningful to them.

“Visiting Haida Gwaii with Ocean Bridge opened my eyes to a new world of service learning opportunities… I have never met so many individuals in one place with whon I’ve shored so many interests, and I am so thankful to have their support and be motivated by their passions to persue further education in the environmental field and focus more time on implementing service projects in my community.”

– Hannah Kosick, Ocean Bridge 2018