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Ocean Wise Online Learning is an interactive environment that furthers understanding and connections to the ocean. We engage thousands of individuals, helping participants understand ocean literacy by integrating digital resources and user generated content within carefully structured curriculum. Our virtual programs create opportunities for students and educators to learn in an authentic, multilingual, social context with their peers throughout the digital world.

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Virtual AquaSchool

A series of four live workshops taking place over four weeks, complemented by specially curated midweek activities and resources.

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Price: $550 CAD

For classroom teachers and other organized groups    ​​​​​

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Home Learner Virtual AquaSchool

We have made AquaSchool available for Home Learners. Book today to enroll your child. 

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Price: $100 CAD

For home learner households (one group of individuals who live in the same dwelling)  ​​​​​

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Virtual Aquaclass

Connect live with the ocean without leaving the classroom (or home) in one of our 45 minute long Aquaclasses.

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Price: $90 CAD

For classroom teachers, other organized groups and homelearner households  ​​​​​

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What is Virtual AquaSchool?

Our perceptions and understanding of learning are constantly evolving. The way we interact with each other, with technology, and with the environment has changed radically over the last decade, and even more so in the last year. For students to become better observers, creative critical thinkers, and empowered environmental stewards, we need to teach in a way that is interdisciplinary, collective, and curiosity-led.

Virtual AquaSchool is an immersive learning opportunity that empowers children and youth to explore ocean science and conservation education beyond the traditional classroom. It consists of four conceptually linked live workshops with a passionate Ocean Wise Educator over four weeks, complemented by specially curated midweek activities and resources that enable students to build upon concepts, reflect on their experiences, and act within their community.

While Virtual AquaSchool is BC Curriculum-minded, the focus is on discovery and skill-building, offering an interdisciplinary approach that creates personalized and meaningful learning. Participants will have unique opportunities including connecting with animals and ecosystems in our specially designed wet lab classrooms and connecting with other past and present participants in the Online Learning Environment, creating a community of curious, lifelong learners.

Learners will be expected to participate both in real-time meetings and continue the discussion with our online learning platform.

What is Virtual AquaClass?

Virtual Aquaclass is an opportunity for students and families to connect live with the ocean without having to leave the classroom or home. Virtual Aquaclass gives you one-to-one access to one of our expert educators. Each program will come with curated resources to help you continue the conversation with your students. Program topics may be customized depending on availability and subject.

All programs are 45 minutes long, and include an interactive presentation, multi-media visuals, and Q&A time between students and our expert staff.

Programs require a strong internet connection, and access to a video/sound system. This can be achieved through a laptop. In the classroom we recommend connecting your laptop to a projector to provide an optimal viewing opportunity for all participating students.

Online Ocean

Activity Centre & Learning Resources – We know it’s a juggling act right now with the kids at home. Our educators and animal experts have compiled resources for kids to learn to care for the ocean – and the animals in it – from the comfort of home.

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