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Molly Foster

Sydney River, NS

Ocean Wise Alum – 2023 Eco-Action Accelerator Cohort

A bit about me:

Growing up on Cape Breton Island, it’s hard not to gain an appreciation for the ocean. But, it was only recently when I realized that environmental sustainability is a core part of my identity. In 2021, I started working at an environmental agency – ACAP Cape Breton – and the experience that I had there changed the course of my life. Getting to do hands-on ecological monitoring, habitat restoration, and environmental education made something click in my brain; suddenly, it was abundantly clear that this is what I was meant to do. All my life, I have felt most like myself when I’m learning about ecology and the social issues that so often intersect with environmentalism.

I still work at ACAP Cape Breton, however, I will be leaving in September of 2022 to pursue a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies at Dalhousie University. Once I graduate from this program in April of 2024, I am planning to pursue a Masters degree in Architecture. Ultimately, my goal is to breed sustainability in Nova Scotia wherever possible – especially in making our building design more energy-efficient, self-sustaining, and well-adapted to the predicted changes we will experience due to climate change.

What gets me up in the morning?:

Although I’m not usually a morning person, working at an environmental agency that values creativity and encourages learning opportunities gives me the spark to get out of bed. Ocean Wise has also contributed to the pep in my step lately since my action project is a Children’s Book that involves a lot of artistic input on my part. I find this particularly invigorating because I get a chance to show my art to my community while also using it as a tool to educate youth about litter!

A fun fact about me:

My favourite marine animal is the axolotl! I find it fascinating that their cells are so resistant to cancer, and I think they provide bountiful opportunities for thought-provoking research.

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