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Project Details

Project dates
Halifax, NS, Canada

Molly Foster

Project Lead

Ally Chant


Molly Foster illustrated and co-wrote a book with Ally Chant in 2022. This project supported the enhancement, reprinting and official launch of the book due to its popularity. They also expanded into providing other educational programming like workshops, keynote speeches, and classroom visitations.

Project Description

Enhance the original Every Little Bit book that was made with the help of funding from the ocean bridge program in 2022. Launch the book in Halifax and begin to generate revenue to reserve for future reprints and other educational projects like workshops, games, classroom activities, etc.

This project has been created in commemoration of the lives of all the victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, including two Ocean Bridge ambassadors, Danielle Moore and Micah Messent. We aspire to carry on their legacy and commitment to making the world a better place by creating long-lasting impacts with a firm commitment to driving positive change for the environment and our ocean. We will never forget the light that Danielle and Micah brought to the world and will continue to keep them in our hearts. To learn more about these two amazing people, please visit: Honouring Danielle and Micah – Ocean Wise. This work is partially funded by the Commemoration Fund for Victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Tragedy.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was making sure I am taken seriously and not tokenized as a young person at events. Sometimes, when talking to professionals with more experience than you, it is easy to feel lesser than, or feel as though you are not meant to be a part of the conversation. However, the wonderful thing about being in the environmental field is that you are also surrounded by wonderful, caring people. Eventually, I came to find that a lot of this insecurity around my age was unfounded, and came from my own ideas about what a professional looks like. Once I was able to let go of my own self-doubts, I realized that most people had been taking me seriously all along, and it was just a little voice in my head.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

My most valuable takeaway is that growing your idea into something that you love may take time. It takes a lot of upfront work to do a project at the scale with only two people working on it. Sometimes there may be moments when you feel like you have been working as hard as you possibly can, but haven’t achieved what you set out to do. But getting started with something like this as a young person is a HUGE learning curve, especially if you haven’t come from an environmental background. Ally and I are lucky in this regard, but knowing who to contact and how to manage a work/life balance is difficult to jump into. all I can say, is that overtime these issues tend to solve themselves. One day you will look back on the work that you did and realize that you have grown immensely and refined your ideas into something you are genuinely proud of. In short, good work takes time.

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