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Ocean Wise Seafood is excited to announce our new partnership with Calgary Co-op, a grocery chain with 23 locations across Calgary. Calgary Co-op customers will now see the Ocean Wise logo on many of the seafood products at their fresh counter as well as frozen sections.

Calgary Co-op prides itself on sourcing sustainable products that benefit the global community.

“Overfishing is a tremendous issue and we all need to do our part to protect our oceans and ensure seafood is available for our future generations,” says James Lelonde, Meat Category Director at Calgary Co-op. “Ocean Wise Seafood is well known to our members. They understand how the Ocean Wise program works and what the logo means. Ocean Wise continually reviews information and ensures they have the latest scientific recommendations, giving retailers and customers great confidence in the program.”

Ocean Wise recommended products available at Calgary Co-op stores include Selva shrimp – farmed sustainably in silviculture systems in Vietnam, wild Pacific halibut, pole-caught Yellowfin tuna, farmed oysters, and more. The company continues to work with our team to increase the percentage of Ocean Wise offerings at their stores.

Calgary Co-op’s sustainability commitment doesn’t end at sourcing sustainable seafood. They are also actively working to reduce plastic waste throughout their stores. The retailer launched a compostable bag program in April 2019, offering members the choice of either purchasing a plastic bag, compostable bag, or reusable bag. When they observed the sales of compostable bags skyrocket and sales of plastic bags diminish, the company made the bold decision to remove all plastic shopping bags from all stores in early 2020. Reusable produce bags are now available and Calgary Co-op continues to review packaging in all of their fresh departments.

“Ocean Wise Seafood is thrilled to welcome Calgary Co-op as a new partner,” says Sophika Kostyniuk, Ocean Wise Seafood Program Manager. “We look forward to working with their passionate team to continue making sustainable seafood accessible to consumers in Calgary.”

Look for the Ocean Wise logo in all 23 stores across Calgary for ocean-friendly seafood options!

Shiori Ito, Ocean Wise Seafood Accounts Coordinator, Western Canada

Posted September 25, 2020 by Ocean Wise

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