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Átl’ḵa7tsem – Txwnéwu7ts Howe Sound Education Kit

Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/ Howe Sound is a coastal fjord ecosystem in the Salish Sea. It is a vital area to First Nation communities, providing natural resources that allowed Indigenous peoples to thrive for generations before colonization. Following colonization and years of destructive human activity, such as industrial and coastal development, efforts are currently underway by government, industry … Continued

Ocean Plastic Education Kit

The Earth’s oceans, and the interconnected cycle of water and waterways, are vital to every living thing on Earth. And yet the health of these oceans, and by extension the wellbeing of all life on Earth, is at risk due largely to the impacts of human activity. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans and it’s going to … Continued

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With more than 75% of educators agreeing that youth need more climate change education, Ocean Wise is on a mission to train educators on how best to discuss ocean health and literacy to K-12 students. Suitable for both formal and informal educators, these workshops will tie together pedagogy, conservation research, and climate change education to … Continued

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Ocean Wise has combined our expert knowledge in ocean science, our ongoing research, and passion for the ocean to bring you Ocean Literacy Courses

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Our mobile programs feature marine artifacts and hands-on interactive activities designed to encourage passion and care of our oceans and waterways. Our educators deliver expert level, multi-sensory aquatic programs, based on the Ocean Literacy Framework. We strive to create a lasting connection to our oceans and aquatic habitats by encouraging direct conservation action. The Ocean … Continued

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