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Ocean Wise Sea Dome – Summer Tour 2023

The Ocean Wise Sea Dome is on its summer tour of Manitoba and Ontario stopping at schools, camps, science centres and community events showcasing ocean and climate change education! The Ocean Wise Sea Dome is an immersive digital ocean adventure that brings marine magic to your door. The Dome projects 360-degree, 4K cinematic footage of … Continued

Species at Risk Education Kit

In our new Species at Risk (SAR) education kit, each lesson addresses a species at risk through an Ocean Wise conservation initiative. Students will learn about the humpback whale and climate change, the killer whale and ocean pollution, the great white shark and bycatch, the hawksbills sea turtle and plastic pollution, and the sea otter … Continued

Invite Wild Whales to your Event!

If you live on B.C.’s coast and spend time on the water, we are available to give a special Wild Whales presentation for your school, nature group, professional organization or festival.

Resources for Mariners

Are you a mariner looking for resources to aid in the mitigation of threats to cetaceans and sea turtles in B.C? Check out our guides here.

Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits are a hands-on resource that teachers and educators can borrow to bring into their classrooms. Borrowing a kit is completely free and includes free shipping and return shipping to anywhere within Canada.

Ocean Plastic Education Kit

400 million tons of plastic is produced every year, 36% of which is designed for single use or packaging. Of that number, only 9% is recycled. It’s fair to say that plastics are everywhere, including the ocean. In fact, approximately 13 million tons of plastic enters oceanic currents annually. Plastic has become a pillar of … Continued

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