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Apply for an Ocean Action Grant

A microgrant that will provide 150 youth across Canada with up to $3000 in funding to lead an individual or collaborative project that contributes to positive change for the environment.

Take the Plastic Pledge

Your pledge acts as a demand signal for businesses to reduce their plastic use and Ocean Wise will use it to onboard more businesses to our Plastic Reduction Program. In the absence of strong government action on plastic, individuals and businesses are stepping up. The possibilities are transformational – join them in taking action.

Lunch Box Challenge

The Lunch Box Challenge is a simple activity anyone can do to find out how much plastic is in your daily ‘lunch boxes’ – and how to reduce it!

Purchase Plastic-Free

Reducing your plastic footprint starts at the source, so this challenge is to try to avoid purchasing plastic goods for the rest of this week. This won’t be easy but it will help you to be more mindful about where you can minimize your plastic purchases! Make Waves: We challenge you to Make Waves in … Continued

Complete the Plastic Challenge

Have you checked out all of our Plastic Free July actions? Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration (and maybe even implemented a few actions in your life) it’s time to complete the Plastic Challenge and see how your efforts have changed your waste. Better yet, challenge three friends to do the same!

Find Hidden Plastic

Hidden plastic is everywhere. For example, plastic is often lining the inside of aluminum cans and paper cups, and some tea bags are also made of plastic. Challenge yourself to find three hidden plastic items in your home and find plastic-free replacements the next time you need to stock up. Make Waves: We challenge you … Continued

Swap Single Serve Snacks

Do your kids love juiceboxes? How about single-serving snacks like cheese strings? Next time you’re at the store, challenge yourself to choose the bulk option (think a jug of juice and a block of cheese). Then use reusable containers to split them up to avoid unnecessary plastics. Attainable Sustainable: These are actions that you can … Continued

Try Solid Cleaning Products

Refill your cleaning products with concentrated versions! Pop a solid cleaning tablet into an old water bottle or repurposed spray bottle, shake it up and you’re good to go. Shop Swap: There are so many great alternatives to plastic – next time you head to the store, keep Shop Swaps in mind!

Switch to Bar Soap & Shampoo

Did you know that most of the volume of liquid shampoo and soap in a plastic bottle is just water? One of the simplest swaps to reduce your plastic footprint is to switch to solid bar soap, shampoo and conditioner. Shop Swap: There are so many great alternatives to plastic – next time you head … Continued

Shop Secondhand

Starting today, see if you can go for the rest of the month without purchasing any items brand new! If you need a new shirt for an event, or your frying pan is broken, try going to a local thrift store for anything you need (besides food and essentials). Make Waves: We challenge you to … Continued

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