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Project Details

Project dates

Cary Choo

Project Lead

For World's Ocean Day, Cary partnered up with fellow Y2S members Natasha S. and Yonatan R. to create a video about plastic pollution. They also participated in YouthAThon 2020 as panelists to discuss the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans and potential mitigation strategies.

Project Description

The plastic pollution video highlights some of the work we were doing about plastic pollution education via school engagement and community events. At the end of the video, there is a montage of fellow Y2S members sharing what the ocean is to them; showing ocean optimism and hope for clean and healthy oceans.

With the video, we had the opportunity to present at the virtual YouthAThon webinar as panelists, representing Y2S. In our hour-long session, we talked about microplastics in our oceans, hosted a mini scavenger hunt to discuss about the plastic items found in homes, did a DIY beeswax wrap demo workshop, and concluded the session with a Q&A.

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