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Mary Rachael Bennett

Project Lead

Tide Talks is an educational and scientific podcast with the goals of equipping listeners with the tools to fight against environmental degradation. It is also intended for listeners to learn about environmental challenges of today such as plastic pollution, overfishing, and climate change.

Tide Talks Podcast

Tide Talks Podcast is an educational, scientific podcast with the purpose of teaching the impacts of climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing, mental health related to eco-anxiety, environmental discrimination, sustainability, endangered species, and much more. This podcast has the intent of reaching primarily youth, but also listeners at any age, about overfishing practices, plastic, pollution, and climate change which reflects Ocean Wise’s 3 main themes. I interview other students and youth from diverse backgrounds and expertise to weigh in on various matters.

You can learn more about my project here:

This project has been created in commemoration of the lives of all the victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, including two Ocean Bridge ambassadors, Danielle Moore and Micah Messent. We aspire to carry on their legacy and commitment to making the world a better place by creating long-lasting impacts with a firm commitment to driving positive change for the environment and our ocean. We will never forget the light that Danielle and Micah brought to the world and will continue to keep them in our hearts. To learn more about these two amazing people, please visit: Honouring Danielle and Micah  – Ocean Wise. This work is partially funded by the Commemoration Fund for Victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Tragedy.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was to overcome my anxiety about posting my work so publicly. I pushed through it and continued to maintain my resilience and it was worth it. I tried my best to tell myself that even if the podcast doesn’t get the recognition I felt it deserves, that it will still impact the lives of others.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

My most valuable take away was the confidence boost and courage to make a large project, something I consider art, and to produce it. It took a lot of courage to post my work and discuss some of my personal life. I was nervous that my work wasn’t good enough to post or that all my effort wouldn’t be worth it. However, from the positive feedback, it boosted my confidence and allowed me to feel powerful in my skills and knowledge.

Tide Talks Podcast

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