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Rachael Bennett

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Sydney Nova Scotia

Ocean Wise Ambassador – 2023 Eco-Action Accelerator Cohort

A bit about me:

What gets me out of bed in morning?

A fun fact about me:

Hello! My name is Mary Rachael Bennett, however, I go by Rachael. I am 23 years old and a mental health advocate. I am a lover of the Earth sciences. Geology, marine biology, geography, ecology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, and more! I have a passion for all living and non-livings things on our beautiful planet and work towards making an impact in my conservation efforts.

What gets me out of the bed in the morning is the hope of having a good, productive day. The sooner I wake up the better my day is as I have more time to watch the sunrise in my comfy pjs.

A fun fact about me… I am full of fun facts so it’s hard to choose! I am the middle of 7 children (thanks dad), I was born at 7:26 AM during the nurses shift change at the hospital so my dad almost had to deliver me as the nurses and doctors had left the room! I classically conditioned myself to fear heights by holding my breath going over the Seal Island Bridge in Cape Breton… it started out as a fun joke but now it’s impossible not to! I have the sweetest and fluffiest dog named Nala, and even though I’m allergic, I have become accustomed to her! She is part Akita Inu and part husky but she looks just like a large Akita with a little cow belly!

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