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Project Details

Project dates
Nova Scotia, Canada

Ally Chant

Project Lead

Molly Foster


Ripple Environmental Education offers engaging sessions to connect youth with the Nova Scotia shorelines, impacts of marine debris, and bring an overall hopeful message about the positive impacts youth can make on the world around us.

Project Description

Using the resources from Eco Action Accelerators Ally along with her business partner and co-author, Molly launched the non-profit Ripple Environmental Education. This project was an extension of the Ocean Bridge project Molly and Ally did, writing the children’s book Every Little Bit. Every Little Bit highlights Nova Scotian ocean cleanup efforts, statistics of real litter cleanups, and a hopeful message for youth that no matter how big or small, every positive action matters. These actions ripple out creating waves of change.

We chose to launch a non-profit as it allows the most flexibility with selling copies of Every Little Bit, and reinvesting the money into the community through a lending library of litter picking supplies, hosting workshops for marine debris upcycling, and visiting classrooms to read our book with students.

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