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Project Details


Parks Canada manages a network of protected areas. Healthy ecosystems offer natural solutions to climate change. Parks Canada monitors changes in the environment and makes decisions for a climate-smart future.

Placement Details


This virtual placement provides a participant to work closely with Parks Canada’s national Climate Change Science and Advisory Team, as well as staff from the National Marine Conservation Areas (NMCAs), National Marine Conservation Area Reserves (NMCARs), and coastal National Parks (NPs)/ National Park Reserves (NPRs).

Participants support the CCSA Team in developing draft climate change summaries for these sites, researching climate change impacts on marine protected areas, and analyzing marine and coastal climate data for the Agency’s national office and Field Unit staff.

Specific tasks include working with Government of Canada colleagues and external institutes in marine science to help identify marine datasets for effective planning of protected areas; exploring climate change summary templates for coastal and marine sites; supporting the drafting and packaging of high-resolution climate projections into short climate summaries; assisting Field Unit Staff with retrieving, analyzing and synthesizing climate data; and other duties as needed.

Placement Category: Data Analysis, Management and Reporting; Policy and Strategy

Placement Season: Flexible

Placement Type: Virtual

2023 Participant Highlights


Participant Saroja Manpadi

Saroja had a busy summer with Parks Canada during her 2023 placement. Between researching data sets and managing/analyzing data, she not only deepened her knowledge of climate change, but also gained a deeper understanding of how it relates to marine issues and conservation. This placement also provided her with the valuable opportunity to meet and network with other teams within Parks Canada and learn about the role the government plays in climate research and forecasting.

Check out her @oceanwiseyouth feature here.

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