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Project Details

Project dates
Montreal, QC

Taylor Macdonald


I helped raise awareness about microplastics with 60 students at his school by hosting an educational booth during his lunch period. Students answered challenging questions about microplastics and got to use a microscope to explore different microplastics in day to day items.

Project Description

For my project on microplastics, thinking about how to share information was super important. I had the idea to use easy drawings and words on signs to show what microplastics are doing wrong. This idea helped me create a simple presentation. This first draft is just the beginning. I can use it to prepare something more comprehensive on microplastics. The next goal is to make the presentation even better, clearer for everyone. Additionally, I asked my Ocean Wise team to do a workshop with microscopes to see micro and macro plastic samples up close. Ask questions: Write easy questions about small plastics, such as where they come from, why they are a problem, and how we can help reduce their presence. Put questions in a box: Put all your questions in a box or jar. You can decorate it with drawings of fish or oceans to make it prettier. Invite people to play: Ask people to come and draw a question from the box and tell them it’s a game to learn more about small plastics. Answer or let answer: When someone asks a question, I can explain the answer to them. Or, I can ask them to respond. If the answer is correct, I can give them a small gift, such as candy or metal water bottle.
A big thank you to Juliana who helped me a lot!

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge during the presentation was managing the audience’s discipline, particularly in maintaining order in the line. Some attendees were not respecting the queue, which could have led to chaos and detracted from the educational objectives of the event. To navigate this issue, I adopted a more serious tone and increased my volume slightly to command attention and assert control. This approach helped in reinforcing the importance of orderliness and respect for the process, ensuring that everyone could participate in an organized manner. By establishing clear expectations and asserting authority when necessary, I was able to maintain a conducive environment for learning and discussion, allowing the presentation to proceed smoothly and effectively.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

My most valuable takeaway from the experience was the importance of adaptability and effective communication in educational settings. Addressing the challenge of maintaining discipline among the high school students taught me that being able to adjust my approach and communication style is crucial for managing a group and facilitating learning. By adopting a firmer tone and clear instructions, I learned that it’s possible to quickly restore order and keep the focus on the educational content. This experience underscored the necessity of being flexible and responsive to the audience’s behavior to ensure that the educational objectives are met and that the message is conveyed effectively. It highlighted the delicate balance between authority and approachability in educational environments, where the goal is to engage and educate, not just to enforce rules.

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