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Project Details

Project dates
01/09/2021  – 31/10/2021
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nicole Mikalajunas

Project Lead

Collaborating with the Live Action Role Playing (LARP) community to use in game incentives to help combat plastic pollution in Nova Scotia.

Project Description

Reached out to all 3 LARP organizations in the Maritimes to create an initiative where players get game incentives for participating in shoreline cleanups. Created a Facebook group and form to help track and reach out to players. This provided education and awareness on what we can do to mitigate waterway pollution and helped clean up garbage from our shorelines.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was trying to find a suitable location to do a cleanup. I was able to get advice from Scotian Shores on possible locations.

Valuable Takeaway

I realised how easy it is to actually make a difference. Motivating people to help can be more effective than trying to do a cleanup by yourself, more people gather more trash and many of those that did participate may participate again in the future.

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