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Nicole Mikalajunas

Halifax, NS, Canada

Ocean Wise Alum – 2021 Ocean Bridge Cohort

A bit about me:

An ocean-related issue close to my heart is the conservation of the North Atlantic Right whale. They are the most endangered whale on our planet. Since the moment I first met one I have wanted to help protect them.

My earliest memory of the ocean was visiting the beach in Florida as a child. This was my first time seeing the ocean and I would not leave until it was getting dark. I spent the day with my sister happily collecting sea shells and chasing tiny fish.

My most influential memory of the ocean was in New Zealand when I was in a small dingy at sea and we were surrounded by hundreds of long-finned pilot whales. They were spy-hopping around us and a large male swam up beside me. He turned onto his side to look at me and we held eye contact for a few minutes. It is still the best experience of my life.

Tell us something random about yourself (or use one of the following suggestions):

My favourite marine animals are balaenids: Bowhead and Right whales. I am fascinated by their longevity and social behaviours. They also feature in the most interesting mythology and legends. That being said I love all marine animals so it is difficult to pick a favourite 🙂

What gets me up in the morning:

I love spending time with my two dogs Jotunn and Eska and I enjoy doing activities where I can be around them like hiking, camping, gardening, and reading. I am an avid LARPer and I love tabletop gaming of every kind.

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