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Arctic Small-Scale Fisheries

For many Arctic communities, seafood is more than an important source of protein. Fish informs the fabric of life.

Indigenous communities are longstanding stewards of our ocean

Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge is born from centuries of hunting and gathering, storytelling, and environmental stewardship guided by values that respect family, culture, and the environment. In this way, Indigenous communities hold valuable expertise for sustainable fisheries with the health of our ocean in mind.

However, current policies regarding Canadian fisheries often create barriers for the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge systems in decision making processes and fishery evaluations.

Ocean Wise is co-creating with Inuit youth an inclusive method for evaluating the sustainability of Canadian fisheries. With Ikaarvik, an independent, Indigenous-led not-for-profit organization, we’re redefining sustainability to include both Western Science and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) – an Inuit values system where ecological, social, and cultural aspects are encompassed

Why is this work important?

The insights gained from Ocean Wise’s work in the Canadian Arctic will play a pivotal role in shaping global strategies for ensuring the resilience of small-scale fisheries and coastal communities world-wide.

Through assessing the community, environmental, and ecological impact of a fishery, we can move towards fishery management plans that are accurate and attainable for a more ocean friendly future

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