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Darren Lai

Burnaby, British Columbia

Ocean Wise Ambassador Ocean Action Grant Cohort

A bit about me:

I am a passionate engineering student who strives to develop new technologies for marine applications. My draw towards leadership led me to start an oceantech design team operating out of SFU. Aside from engineering, I love to delve into the outdoors. This includes hiking and long distance biking. Something that I wish to get into is mountaineering and astrophotography, perhaps even both at the same time; astrophotography at a summit of a breathtaking mountain.

What gets me out of bed in morning?

The desire to create change and my alarm clock.

A fun fact about me:

I broke a large plant vase with my head once when I was small. To this day, I wonder if that caused my IQ to drop a few points…

Current & Past Service Projects

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