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Anoosha Lalani


Ocean Wise Alum – 2021 Ocean Bridge Cohort

A bit about me: 

I’ve always been passionate about ocean conservation. I grew up scuba diving in Asia and one of the early trips I took was focused around coral restoration. We collected broken pieces of coral and tied them to an electric frame to generate growth. I joined Ocean Bridge beacuse I wanted to get back in touch with an interest I’ve felt disconnected from since moving to a busy city and working in a field that is not directly related to ocean conservation. 

What gets me up in the morning?

I’m generally not a morning person and morning me is the grumpiest me you’ll meet but recently, I’ve been bribing myself out of bed with a beautiful iced coffee or tea beverage. I’ve been getting really into making myself nice drinks at home. The days where I’m out and about in nature or enjoying our oceans are the days where its much easier for me to get out of bed!

My favourite marine animal is: 

A whale! Top of my bucket list is to see a wild whale up close.

Current & Past Service Projects

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