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Grilling for a Sustainable Future with Casus Grill Canada and Ocean Wise Seafood

New Ocean Wise Seafood partner, Casus Grill Canada, is making waves with their biodegradable barbecue by donating 100% of profits from every grill sold in Canada to the Ocean Wise Seafood program. Ocean Wise Seafood is a not-for-profit conservation program that researches and recommends sustainable seafood options that support healthy oceans, lakes, and rivers. The Ocean Wise Seafood program is one of seven Ocean Wise Conservation Association initiatives to protect and restore our world’s oceans.  

“We feel it is very important, especially in these difficult times, that we support voices who help deliver change, and bring a brighter and better tomorrow,” says Don Read, President of Casus Grill Canada and Willowfield Enterprises Ltd., “Ocean Wise supporters are active, engaged, and passionate about making better choices for themselves and their community. Casus Grill was born in an effort to reduce waste and pollution, while delivering a superior cooking experience. This partnership complements both our missions to ensure a sustainable future.”

It is estimated that 40 million single-use propane bottles (USA) and over a million disposable aluminum grills (UK) are sold every year. The annual global sales are likely significantly greater, and the result is millions of pounds of aluminum that is dug up, mined and refined, along with millions of pounds of propane, to be used once, discarded, and left to pollute the environment, discharging toxins in the water, soil, and air.

Casus Grill is offering a low-impact solution; made with only natural and sustainable materials, containing no plastic, metal, or fossil fuels, Casus Grill is biodegradable, recyclable, and carbon neutral. Launching just in time for World Oceans Month in June, every grill sold will support the long-term health of oceans, lakes, and rivers through this ongoing fundraiser for the Ocean Wise Seafood program.  

“Ocean Wise Seafood is deeply touched by the passion and commitment to sustainability shown by Casus Grill Canada, spearheaded by President and longtime supporter, Don Read,” says Sophika Kostyunik, Director of Fisheries and Seafood at Ocean Wise. “This biodegradable product is a forward-thinking and timely innovation that addresses the environmental issues associated with single-use propane tanks. With this partnership, people who love to grill and love our planet can double their positive impact and help us ensure oceans, lakes, and rivers are healthy and flourishing for generations to come.”

Over three billion people rely on seafood as a source of protein, and demand for seafood has more than doubled since the 1970’s. Ocean Wise Seafood’s sustainability recommendations are based on the most up-to-date science regarding fishery and aquaculture practices to make it easy for businesses and consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions. Choosing Ocean Wise recommended seafood helps relieve the pressure on overfished species, promotes responsible aquaculture, and ensures that we will be able to continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come. Now, you have another option for being a part of the solution; choosing Casus Grill moves us all closer to that same goal.  

“We hope this starts a lot of conversations,” says Erika Bolliger, Accounts Coordinator for Ocean Wise Seafood “When Casus Grill customers see the Ocean Wise Seafood logo, it will hopefully encourage them to learn more about the importance and urgency of making sustainable seafood choices. And when Ocean Wise Seafood partners and supporters learn about Casus Grill, hopefully they’ll be excited to swap out their single-use propane grills for good and enjoy this new way to support our conservation program at the same time.”

“We want to become a role model in the market for sustainable products and inspire others to become more healthy and environmentally conscious about the products consumers may encounter.” says Susanne Broegger, Co-Founder of Casus Grill, “We must all respect our planet by being aware of our way of living. We need to think about what we eat, buy, and use in our daily lives.” 

As the restaurant industry continues to grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, many are looking to put a new spin on the takeout experience – including picnic kits complete with a Casus Grill. As the weather warms, the versatility and sustainability of Casus Grill lends itself to a unique outdoor cooking experience, anywhere, any time, and now in support of ocean, lake, and river conservation.   

To order a Casus Grill or learn more, visit Casus Grill Canada

Are you an Ocean Wise Seafood partner looking to add a Casus Grill takeout kit to your menu or retail location? Email [email protected] RE: Ocean Wise Casus Grill to explore wholesale options and collaboration opportunities.  

Aquablog written by Erika Bolliger, Accounts Coordinator for Ocean Wise Seafood.

All photos provided by Casus Grill.

Posted May 19, 2021 by Ocean Wise

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