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By adopting available solutions, we can reduce the flow of plastic into the ocean by 80%.

The problem with plastic…is us. Plastic is a reliable, cheap to produce, and useful, but we don’t value it. More than 40% of plastic produced is designed for single use, and from the plastic we do discard in Canada, only 9% is recycled in Canada. Our addiction to plastic has led to its widespread infiltration to almost every part of our world. Researchers at Ocean Wise and other conservation organizations are finding more and more plastic every time they look – from deep sea sediment to the ocean surface. Science tells us if we act now, we can make a difference.

Below you will see a series of 9 learning modules for you to gain further learning about the challenges of plastic pollution and what you can do to reduce it’s impacts on the planet. We suggest you complete the modules in order, but it is not required. You are expected to read and watch the modules and then participate in the quiz at the end of the module to confirm you have completed it. Enjoy your growth towards a life with a smaller impact on the planet. Have fun!

The Ocean Connection

Explore how the ocean supports life on Earth and why its health is crucial for our future. Ocean Wise leads the charge in conservation and daily actions to make a difference for the ocean.

What is Plastic?

Learn about Plastic and its versatile applications, environmental consequences, and how adopting sustainable practices can mitigate its negative effects on our planet.

The 4 R's

Learn how Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, and Refilling can transform our wasteful habits. Take the quiz to discover practical ways you can make a positive impact on the environment!


Uncover the secrets of effective sorting, processing, and the powerful impact of your choices on plastic and the ocean.


Learn About microplastics, what they are, their effects on wildlife and us, while exploring easy steps to reduce your footprint.

Plastic Pollution

Explore how plastic moves around the ocean and impacts marine life - plus, solutions we can follow to tackle the problem of marine pollution.

What Can I do?

What steps can you take at home and at work to reduce your plastic footprint?

The Plastic Challenge

Understand your plastic consumption, identify opportunities for improvement and take action to make a difference.

Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup

Learn about the dirty dozen, the significance of shoreline cleanup data and participate in your own to overcome the wave of plastic.

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