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Learn how you can help this World Ocean Day

Ocean Wise turns knowledge of the ocean into action for the ocean.

Our ocean is the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even the water we drink. But our ocean is in trouble. Issues like pollution, overfishing, and rising global greenhouse gas emissions pose an enormous threat to our ocean’s health.

This month, we're ready to make a splash around World Ocean Day and we want YOU to #BeOceanWise. Join us in Turning the Tide Together.

Learn how you can help our ocean and waterways

Book the Ocean Wise Sea Dome in Atlantic Canada

The Sea Dome will be headed to Atlantic Canada from May to August, 2024. Book now to experience marine artifacts, an immersive ocean experience and interactive activities with marine experts!

Dealing with Eco-Grief

Youth ambassador Kara wrote about her experience feeling loss that many working in conservation may experience regularly, but may not actively acknowledge or process due to lack of recognition in society.

Free World Ocean Month Virtual Education Series

To Celebrate World Ocean Month, every Friday through June Ocean Wise is offering free virtual education sessions to encourage passion for the ocean! Join us each Friday to dive into ocean conservation.

Apply to our youth programs

Ocean Wise Youth programs connect Canadian youth from coast-to-coast-to-coast empowering them with life and professional skills, supporting lasting civic engagement essential for our oceans to remain healthy and flourishing for generations to come.

Invite Wild Whales to Your Event!

If you live on B.C.’s coast and spend time on the water, we are available to give a special Wild Whales presentation for your school, nature group, professional organization or festival.

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Free Ocean Literacy Courses

Take a free online course about the fascinating aspects of our ocean and leave armed with the tools you need to conserve it.

Explore our Identification Guides

Download our printable guides to assist with the identification of cetaceans, sea turtles, pinnipeds and sea otters found in British Columbia!

Is the seafood you're eating sustainable?

Use our sustainable seafood search and learn about what seafood Ocean Wise recommends.

We're empowering the next generation of ocean champions

This World Ocean Day make a donation to Ocean Wise, because together, we can make waves for a healthier, more vibrant world.

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