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Project Details

Project dates
19/08/2023  – 19/08/2023
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nancy Zhou

Project Lead

Alicia She


Sabastian Peters


Sayemin Naheen


Sofie Doig


The Zilch Zero Waste Market promoted and supported local sustainable businesses, with a focus on zero-waste initiatives. In addition to our vendor booths, we hosted educational activities, and art exhibits to illustrate the importance of sustainability on ocean health and our collective future.

Project Description

The Zilch Zero Waste Market rallied local sustainable businesses and individuals committed to a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Zilch Zero Waste Market was more than just a marketplace; it was an educational and inspirational platform. The commitment to curating engaging activities, informative discussions, and captivating art exhibits resonated with attendees, showcasing the depth of the zero-waste movement. We reinforced that even seemingly minor changes can lead to monumental outcomes. The clothing swap and bike repair sessions, which encouraged hands-on participation, demonstrated that empowering people to take action fosters a sense of ownership in the collective pursuit of sustainability.


What was your most valuable takeaway?

One resounding takeaway emerged at the conclusion of the market: there exists a substantial and growing interest in adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. Many are eager to make a positive change but lack the necessary guidance and resources. Our project bridged this gap, offering a platform for individuals to explore, learn, and embark on their own journey towards sustainable living. By connecting over 200 market attendees with 30 experienced vendors and environmental organizations, we laid the foundation for lasting change—one conscious choice at a time.

The urgency of addressing ocean plastics remained a central theme. The visual impact of plastics in our oceans is a stark reminder that the choices we make reverberate beyond our immediate surroundings. Our project emphasized that adopting a zero-waste lifestyle goes beyond personal convenience—it’s a responsibility that influences the health of our planet.

In concluding this chapter of the Zilch Zero Waste Market, we express heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, supported, and believed in our endeavor. The lessons learned, connections made, and inspiration ignited will continue to thrive long after the market’s end. As we close this chapter, we eagerly anticipate the ongoing growth of the zero-waste movement, underscoring the undeniable power of collective action in creating a sustainable and vibrant future for all.

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