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Project Details

Project dates
26/01/2024  – 26/01/2024
Wreck Beach, Southwest Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yasmine Gouin

Project Lead

Jade de Belle


Mackenzie Kuenz


We did a beach clean up at Wreck beach, Vancouver in partnership with the UBC Oceanography club! We also had two amazing speakers join us (indigenous land acknowledgement for the oceans and ocean leader in microplastic solutions).

Project Description

The Wreck Beach Clean Up was a project to address plastic pollution at one of Vancouver’s main beaches. The project was positioned to engage students in ocean conservation and inspire youth to embrace tangible actions for a greener tomorrow.
Our project positively impacted ocean health and literacy by hosting speakers who discussed our spiritual ties to the land and sea, and the urgency of youth involvement in ocean conservation. Additionally, we addressed the pressing issue of microplastics. Through our efforts, we significantly enhanced ocean health by removing substantial amounts of waste, including numerous cigarette butts, from the beach, thereby mitigating harmful pollution and fostering a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility towards marine ecosystems.

What was your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge revolved around coordinating logistics for our initiative. To navigate this hurdle, we established clear communication channels among team members, delineated roles and responsibilities, and implemented a robust scheduling system. Regular meetings allowed us to address any emerging issues promptly and adjust plans accordingly. By fostering a collaborative and adaptable approach, we successfully navigated the complexities of logistics coordination, ensuring the smooth execution of our project despite challenges along the way.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

The most profound lesson gleaned from our initiative is the importance of community. Our endeavour vividly illustrated the transformative potential of collective action in effecting meaningful change. Through our unified efforts, we accomplished a vastly more significant impact in cleaning up our local beach than any solitary action could have yielded. This experience underscores the paramount significance of collaboration, emphasizing that by pooling our resources and energies, we can address intricate environmental challenges and pave the way for a cleaner, more vibrant future for our planet.

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