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Project Details

Project dates
01/11/2021  – 01/06/2022

Yasmin Schepens

Project Lead

The project aims to bring awareness around cigarette butt waste with the help of posters at Translink shelters across Vancouver. The poster links to a QR code where more information concerning cigarette butt waste can be found. Through this project, we hope to encourage responsible butt disposal and empower members of the public to take direct action for our local waterways.

Project Description

This is a little tricky to answer because the project is still being developed – though, we hope that this will directly contribute to fewer cigarette butts along our shorelines and encourage members of the public to become aware of the issue and take direct action to help.

What was your biggest challenge?

You have to be flexible with your ideas! Project management often requires waiting on others and plans are constantly changing.

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