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The Ocean Conservation Club

by Celin Akbari, Lucas Pacheco, Lucia Forsyth, Camellia Fazlali

Project Details

Project dates
Vancouver, BC

Eric Watson


The Ocean Conservation Club, run by Celin Akbari, Lucas Pacheco, Lucia Forsyth, Camellia Fazlali

Project Description

Through our Ocean Conservation club, we have seen positive change for the environment, increased awareness of ocean conservation and promoted an inclusive and accessible environmental sector by: educating students on the critical issues our oceans continue to face through both classroom learning and hands-on learning; encouraged students to take actions to help conserving our waters in their daily lives; made sure we created an inclusive environment, opened the club to all grades, and planned out excursions that everyone can participate in.

What was your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge was definitely finding time to get together and work on this at the same time. Due to the immense amount of school work, we all needed to put some time aside separately to work on advancing this club

What was your most valuable takeaway?

Our most valuable takeaway was probably learning how crucial it is to educate people in our community about ocean conservation efforts and the importance around keeping our oceans healthy and clean!

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