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Project Details

Lake Charlotte, NS, Canada

The Deanery Project is a not-for-profit organization that has become a dynamic education and demonstration site for environmental sustainability, skills development, the arts, and community building.

Placement Details

Founded in 2011 and based in Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia, the Deanery is open year-round. They offer several different programs and projects related to energy, climate, forests, health, active transportation and rural living, community building and traditional skills. The Deanery is an ever-evolving discovery, demonstration, and research site that welcomes folks of all ages, stages and cultures to experience the serene rural setting nestled between the ocean and the forest to learn, share, discover and imagine.

Placements with the Deanery Project focus on researching, developing and, in some instances, deliver educational materials and programs for the Deanery community. Participants will have a range of research topics to work on from garden & landscaping to environmental arts education, to open pen fish farms to coastal mitigation and restoration, and many more. Topics will be explored through personal research, community consultation, and collaboration with the Deanery staff. Participants will turn what they learn into educational materials which could include: curriculum frameworks, interpretive literature, signage, in person programming, digital resources or web platforms.

Placement Category: Community Outreach and Education; Communication and Media

Placement Season: Flexible

Placement Type: Rural Field

2022 Participant Highlights

Participant Mckenzie Margarethe

Mckenzie’s placement at the Deanery Project on the East Coast of Nova Scotia consisted of a blend of science and art in developing and delivering educational events and programs. Mckenzie played a major role in the planning, promoting, and leading of the Deanery’s signature SeaLight SkyLight event in October. This event was aligned with the bioluminescence and shoreline restoration education they have delivered to the community. They have also created several blog posts, social media science communication posts, and developed materials on local bioluminescence that have engaged the public. These programs prompt conservation and community stewardship through education about and connection to the natural world.


2021 Participant Highlight

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