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Project Details

Project dates
28/12/2023  – 29/02/2024
Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Loreena Dobson

Project Lead

I am building a plastic shredder for recycling plastic waste.

Project Description

For my project, I am building a shredder to help combat plastic waste in my community. This shredder machine cuts plastic items into small flakes ready to be turned into new things by another machine (sheet press, extrusion, etc.). The shredder is the first step in the plastic recycling process and positively impacting ocean health. By recycling plastic waste, the project reduces the amount of plastic entering oceans, mitigating marine pollution.

This project contributed to my own personal development in four distinct ways:

Manufacturing and mechanical engineering: Designing and building a plastic shredder involves aspects of mechanical engineering. Through this project, I am gaining hands-on experience with various tools, materials, and components.
Problem solving: Overcoming challenges and troubleshooting issues that have arisen during the process are enabling me to practice my problem-solving skills.
Project management: Planning, organizing, and executing a project from start to finish is a key aspect of project management. This project required coordinating tasks, communicating with stakeholders, and managing resources.
Knowledge of recycling process: By working on a plastic shredder, I gained insights into the recycling process for plastic waste. Understanding the environmental impact of plastic and the importance of recycling has contributed to my knowledge of sustainability.

What was your biggest challenge?

Coordinating efforts proved challenging during my project, as everyone involved were juggling multiple projects and deadlines at the same time. To address this, I utilized effective communication strategies and established clear roles and responsibilities. Recognizing and appreciating each individual’s expertise contributed to creating a productive and collaborative atmosphere.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

No matter your background, interests, or career path, there are always opportunities to incorporate sustainability into your endeavors. This project provided me with a chance to merge my expertise in mechanical engineering with my passion for environmental conservation.

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