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Project Details

Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario 627, Heron Bay, ON, Canada

Waves roll across immense Lake Superior and crash against a remote granite shore. Tracts of windswept spruce and pine reach beyond the horizon from towering cliffs and along secluded sandy beaches. And the culture of the Anishinaabe First Nations connects Pukaskwa National Park's wilderness to the powerful richness of an ancient human story.

Placement Details

Parks Canada’s Pukaskwa National Park placement is centered around the Resource Conservation team’s three priority initiatives:

  1. Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System Network and Lake Sturgeon Conservation
  2. Monitoring the Ecological Integrity of the Fresh Water and Coastal Ecosystems
  3. Active management: invasive species detection and impact assessment monitoring.

The initiatives are driven and guided by the Parks Canada mandate.

Placement Category: Field Research and Monitoring

Placement Season: Spring, Summer

Placement Type: Urban Field


2022 Participant Highlights

Participant Suzanne Kolenbrander

Suzanne had the opportunity to be engaged and lead different aspects of the Resource Conservation team’s three initiatives. In addition, she was able to network with a wide variety of mentors and connections at Parks Canada and has personally gained more confidence in her own work and ability to complete complicated reports.

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