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Project Details

Peterborough, ON, Canada

OTCC's mission is to protect and conserve Ontario’s Native Turtles and their Habitat.

Placement Details


The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTTC) provides a unique service to mitigate the impact of vehicle collisions and other threats to Ontario’s at-risk native freshwater turtle species through their fully integrated turtle hospital and education center. The center’s programs include treatment, rehabilitation, and release of injured turtles; a hatchling program to replenish populations; field research, education, and outreach; and tours of the hospital and conservation center.

Participants play a key role in the husbandry and rehabilitative care of injured turtles, as well as the care of the hatchlings. OTCC generates a wealth of data through its work, and the participants may be responsible for organizing the data to be shared with partner organizations. Participants also deliver tours, workshops, and programs to visitors of the Education Center.

Placement Category: Wildlife Advocacy and Rehab; Community Outreach and Education

Placement Season: Flexible

Placement Type: Urban

2023 Participant Highlights


Participants Juliette Langlois and Taryn Smit

The placement with OTCC gave Juliette many responsibilities in managing the care of turtles of all ages and abilities. She was responsible for over a thousand incubating and hatching turtle eggs. The consistency in tasks and the support of the OTCC team boosted Juliette’s belief in the quality of her work. She is excited to bring this new found confidence into her future positions in the environmental field.

Check out Juliette’s feature on @oceanwiseyouth here

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