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Project Details

Project dates
29/01/2022  – 26/02/2022
Crowsnest Pass, AB, Canada

Bronwyn Kizan

Project Lead

This project was a Giant Paint By Numbers to allow the community to participate in an engaging way to learn more about water conservation. It gave insight into how community members from a land locked province can still contribute to helping their local waterways. It was an engaging project that had an artistic take, but had a huge impact.

Project Description

Making small changes in our own lives to help the environment and our waterways may feel insignificant, but together everyone’s small changes make a big impact!

This collaborative art piece represents each of those small changes. Each person who adds paint to the canvas helps create the painting as a whole. Just as when everyone does their own part in protecting our environment-together, we can make a big difference.

My hope is that in helping create this artwork you can reflect on your own part in protecting our waterways and the environment.

What was your biggest challenge?

Creating the canvas was a challenge –  there was a lot of trial and error. Also finding a way to engage a more conservative crowd.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

Seeing how engaged people were, with wanting to reduce pollution, especially from a very conservative area. This was a big fear, but I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out.

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