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Project Details

Project dates
13/03/2024  – 20/03/2024
Vancouver, BC, Canada

More than 40% of plastic produced is designed for single use, and from the plastic we do discard in Canada, only 9% is recycled in Canada. Science tells us if we act now, we can make a difference. With the Plastic Reduction Program for businesses, we can make a difference in our plastic waste.

Placement Details

The #BePlasticWise movement from Ocean Wise exists to share the science behind ocean plastic pollution and by providing science-based tools, tips and resources that empower you to take action

This placement falls under Ocean Wise’s Plastics Initiative, which aims to turn the tide on ocean plastic by stopping harmful and unnecessary plastics from entering our ocean. As part of this initiative, the Plastic Reduction Program empowers food businesses to be part of the solution to plastic pollution.  Through expert support and science-backed tools, the program helps partner businesses measure their plastic footprint, identify opportunities to reduce, refuse, reuse, or better recycle plastics, and amplify their efforts through community-building and storytelling. It’s a unique opportunity to tackle harmful and unnecessary plastic use! 

The placement includes a mixture of remote work as well as in-person work at various sites around Greater Toronto and Vancouver areas (and others as necessary). Participants are involved in content creation, partner and public outreach/engagement, waste management research, and corporate auditing.

Placement Category: Plastic, Pollution, or Waste Management; Data Analysis, Management, and Reporting

Placement Season: Fall, Winter, Flexible

Placement Type: Urban

2023 Participant Highlights

Participants Leann Byatte and Fawkes Urquhart

“It is a warm welcome to meet peers that share the same pressing concerns as myself. I also appreciate that there is a culture about conservation and open forms of communication.” – Fawkes Urquhart

Fawkes’ goal was to gain a greater understanding of plastic pollution and become more confident conversing with people about plastic issues. During his placement, he was invited to attend a local conference to network and speak about his placement experience – despite being nervous. Afterwards, he reported that when speaking with plastics engineers at the event, he felt more confident than he would’ve a few months ago! Through experience and boosting his knowledge, he has become much more confident and “plastic literate”.   

“Getting to work alongside passionate and like-minded individuals in this exceptionally welcoming and inclusive environment has truly been an inspiring experience for me. The enthusiasm and commitment exhibited by the Ocean Wise team in every project has fueled my dedication to pursuing a career in marine conservation. The collective passion and excitement within the organization instills a great sense of hope in me for the future of our oceans.” – Leann Byatte

2021-2022 Participant Highlights

While Ariane had to learn to be fairly independent during the placement, as the project was fully virtual and that required a certain amount of self-direction, overall the people she met were very valuable connections and helped to make the placement a positive experience!

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