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Vancouver, BC

Ocean Frequencies Podcast by Acadia

Project Description

Ocean Frequencies is a captivating podcast series dedicated to exploring the challenges confronting our ocean today. Hosted by Acadia Li, each episode of Ocean Frequencies offers a deep dive into various aspects of ocean conservation through insightful discussions with leading ocean experts. From uncovering the latest research findings to discussing the implications for the future of our ocean and its diverse wildlife, this podcast aims to shed light on pressing issues facing marine ecosystems and hopes to plant seeds of inspiration to continue the crucial efforts in protecting our planet.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was probably taking the initial steps to actually start the podcast itself. As someone with not much experience in audio recording and editing, the prospect of dealing with the complexities of equipment and software seemed daunting, especially with my first few guests. Although it proved to be a challenge, it was a great chance for me to grow and discover new things, and I’m still learning as I continue my podcasting journey!

What was your most valuable takeaway?

One of the most valuable takeaways I’ve had since starting my podcast journey is the boundless depth of knowledge that surrounds our ocean. Each conversation I had with researchers and experts, each deeply immersed in their respective fields, helped me appreciate and learn about fascinating insights and discoveries. As I reflect on my experience, I feel inspired to continue to learn and delve deeper into the wonders of our ocean, as I am filled with a renewed sense of inspiration and purpose. There’s always more to learn, more perspectives to consider, and more opportunities to broaden my understanding.

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