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Project Details

Project dates
375 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Alexandra Ho

Project Lead

The Ocean Action Mini Summit brought together like-minded youth for a day of conservation conversations.

Project Description

The Ocean Action Mini Summit was a FREE, one-day event in downtown Toronto!  This event provided learning opportunities to all who are interested in learning more and participating in the conservation conversation. Additionally, the summit focused on fostering a continued environment of open, accessible, and welcoming communication. It can be intimidating to jump into the world of environmental action and to know where to start the journey. Therefore, this event was to support everyone – from those who just love the ocean and want to learn more to established researchers and young professionals kickstarting life in the environmental field.

Attendees had the chance to hear from a diverse range of speakers on key conservation pillars through a keynote, panel, and interactive workshop. They came away from the event with new knowledge, new connections and a invigorated passion for environmental action.

Summit Sessions

This full day summit was broken down into 4 key sessions filled with amazing presenters and lots of learning.

In the keynote “Our Connections to the Ocean” Lisa Chen (Founder & CEO of Oceanic Impact) touched on building #OceanLiteracy and connection to the ocean among communities. She also touched on her own journey and the incredible conservation work of Oceanic Impact.

Afterwards, the day continued with a panel session, “Plastics: Characterizing Chemical Contaminants and Exploring Ecological Impacts”. This panel was led by  Toronto Metropolitan University PhD students Bryant Micheal Serre and Eric Fries, in conversation with Ocean Wise’s Sarah Selvaratnam. They each drew on their research expertise to share with us how #PlasticsPollution creates the challenging unseen problem of chemical contamination in our water, and how chemical and biological risk assessment can be used in water pollution monitoring.

For the final workshop of the evening, attendees got the chance to deep dive into fashion and microfibre pollution. This interactive workshop was hosted by Alexandra Ho the organizer and MC of the Ocean Action Summit. Throughout the workshop attendees were expertly guided through the cycle of impact the clothes we where everyday cause on the environment. Additionally, space was made to interact with everyone’s own clothing consumption and to brainstorm possible solutions and first steps.

To conclude, attendees participated in an interactive networking session. They were given the opportunity to showcase their own eco-action work such as academic research or personal conservation projects. Equally, everyone also had the chance to connect with likeminded peers.


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