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Project Details

Project dates
29/09/2022  – 30/09/2022
Canadian Museum of Nature / Musée canadien de la nature, McLeod Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Richard Cheng

Project Lead

My main goal was to encapsulate the issue of Microplastics in our ocean by framing the cause, elaborating on the current situation and highlighting the current progress in a manner that is easily accessible and engaging to all members of the public.

Project Description

A comprehensive presentation about Microplastics In Our Ocean catered to the Canadian Public in 2022. I spent months of time researching credible studies in which I then translated into an accessible powerpoint that would encourage engagement. I focused on a conservation instead of throwing technical jargon at the public, in which I focused on what the public can relate to, what new information I can elaborate on, what the current progress is and how the public can become engaged. I like to think that those that attended became more aware of the pervasive issues and world around us.

What was your biggest challenge?

The research was quite daunting and stressful to read the academia, but through it, I was able to get to a place of understanding the meta of ecological work. Just as we think about a sustainable world, we must strive for sustainable mental health when engaging in such large issues.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

Personal development was a valuable takeaway, (if that’s not too cheesy). The Ocean Bridge program allowed me to develop into more of the person I’ve always wanted to be and exposed me to a whole new world of resources and information that I would not have access to in my day-to-day life. It allowed me to take sustainable action to a passion project, as opposed to a spurt and then denouement. I was able to face issues larger than myself and become comfortable with them as I grew to know them.

The biggest factor is the people you meet, these people are just like you, those with passion, the drive and the capabilities to make change, if only given the opportunity. The people you meet and the bonds you form are definitely the most valuable takeaway.

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