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Project Details

Project dates
Vancouver, BC

Jocelyn Marsh

Project Lead

The Love Our Ocean Project (LOOP) aims to reduce plastic waste throughout the entire Veterinary Industry. LOOP educates Veterinary clinics and staff in sustainability practices by integrating a pill vial recycling program in clinic, as well as transitioning to a weight based methodology for measuring injectable controlled substances.

Project Description

The ‘Love Our Ocean Project’ aims to combat plastic waste throughout Veterinary Medicine by decreasing plastic output. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I noticed large volumes of plastic used everyday, with no procedures on how to utilize these items more sustainably. From IV lines/bags, needles, syringes, pill vials, etc. I aim to create conversation and engagement with fellow Veterinary workers and pet owners on how we can decrease our plastic waste. The project is multi-tiered and is easily accessible and replicable: The first tier shifts Veterinary clinics towards a weight-based measurement methodology for injectable controlled medication audits. Utilizing a gram scale, we completely discontinue the use of single-use needles and syringes to measure controlled medication volumes during audits. The second tier is a Pill Vial Recycling Program that relies on a circular economy. Clients bring their pet’s pill vials for prescription refills, or they return vials, which are then disinfected, dried, and re-used for other prescriptions. Clients receive a discount on each vial brought back, and clinics save costs on pill vial orders. Along with in-clinic procedures; my website, provides step-by-step guides to Veterinary hospitals on how to launch the project in-clinic easily and efficiently.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was initiating the project rollout in hospital as I wanted to ensure introducing the project in hospital would not disrupt day to day practices in-clinic, while still engaging fellow coworkers and clients to be inspired and want to participate in the project. Change can be difficult, however my clinic was very open and supportive and we maintained open communication on all aspects regarding the project rollout and any issues we came across regarding how the project worked in hospital.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

The most valuable takeaway I have regarding ‘Love Our Oceans Project’ is that when you examine your day-to-day life, we all have the ability to make more sustainable choices that can greatly impact ocean pollution and waste in our environment. This project continues to inspire me, as I see the potential for many industries to examine how they can make small changes that will be greatly beneficial. Opting to look in areas we already know well; such as our career or hobbies, allows us to see the realistic approach we can have when developing a project.

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